Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

We offer card classes where people can socialize and make greeting cards, and we teach various techniques that are used in card making. It is a relaxing hobby and we love to introduce people to the hobby. We also teach how to make other paper crafting projects, such as boxes and 3D cards.

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in making greeting cards using Stampin' Up! products.

What are the rates of your services?

Our rates vary, depending on the project, but they are affordable. Rates vary depending on the materials required to make the project, and the time it takes to prepare and complete it. Normally around $25 for a session, and less if orders are placed for Stampin' Up! product.  Stamp club has a different price, but they are not running at the moment. The cost for Stamp Club will be posted when we start up again.

What type of warranty do you provide (on custom work)?

Our warranty for custom work wording is still being considered.  Stampin' Up! products are guaranteed under Stampin' Up!'s policy. Faulty product will be replaced. You have to pay to return the item, unless they don't want it returned; Stampin' Up! will replace the item at no extra charge. You or your demonstrator just has to contact customer service, at [email protected]