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Referral Program Terms

The Fine Print:

Eligible Users

This referral program is open to our Stampin' Up! customers only, for a limited time, and we may withdraw or suspend this referral program (in whole or in part) at any time. The requirements and incentives are also subject to change at any time. Earning, Receiving and Redeeming Shopping Credits

First, any one of your Referrals will get a 20% discount for their first purchase on our Stampin' Up! shopping site (either Sarah Hodgins or Virginia Hodgins's site, capped at Cdn$100).

In addition, for the first Qualifying Purchase made by each of your Referrals, you, as the Referrer, will receive a discount in the amount 20% of the Qualifying Purchase amount (capped at Cdn$100 per Qualifying Purchase).

 * Such discount may not be used or combined with any other promotion. 

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Qualifying Purchase

A Qualifying Purchase means a successfully delivered and completed order,  purchased by the Referral. 

Important Disclaimers

We reserve the right to suspend your account and remove referrals shopping credit entitlement should we notice any activity we determine contrary to the Referral Program terms and conditions or the Stampin' Up! Terms of Service by the Referrer and/or Referral.

We retain the right to investigate the participation in the Referral Program for any fraudulent activities and take any measures to end them. We reserve the right to amend or suspend this Referral Program at any time without notice.

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