About us

Who are we? Virginia & Sarah Hodgins are a mother-daughter team of paper crafters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What do we do? We create greeting cards and other papercrafts. We also teach others how to craft and make gorgeous keepsakes that many relatives treasure! We are also animal lovers and support our local animal shelters whenever possible!

Thank you for wanting to know more about us!


I am a wife and mother, and both my husband, Don, and I are retired from our "regular" work. Don and I moved to Lac La Biche, Alberta in 2007, where he took a job in the IT department of Portage College. I worked in the college's library for 5 years as an administrative assistant.  In September of the year following my retirement, I went back to work part-time until Covid struck in 2020. We have a daughter, Sarah, and a son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Laura.

Throughout my life I have owned a horse or two, (usually just one at a time!), and we have had several dogs. The horses and dogs have changed over the years of course, but my favourite horses were three Arabian horses, Whisper, Taffy, and Tristan who I owned one after the other. I did Competitive Trail Riding with Whisper, enjoyed riding the trails with Taffy, teaching her how to drive, practicing dressage with her (both driving and riding), and doing a bit of showing. Tristan and I auditioned for Pat Parelli's Level 1 in his training program and earned a score of ++ which thrilled me! Apart from that, Tristan and I rode the trails and roads. Now our fur baby is a black and white cat named Oreo. Like all cats, she loves boxes, and has us well-trained!

In 1999, when we lived in Arizona, I discovered scrapbooking, took some classes and made three scrapbooks of the family, one for Sarah, one for Keith and one for Don and me. They went up to the year 2000. I then went on and made about 12 more about our travels, but after awhile we ran out of storage space so I ended up taking some of them apart and scanning the best pages to keep. After all, how many scrapbooks do you need about crossing the country? We returned to Canada in 2002. 


 Keith and I moved around the continent with Mom and Dad, to Arizona and back to Canada. We each had to return to Canada when we reached 21, and we came back before then to go to school, although we were back and forth quite a bit. I moved to Alberta in 2012 and started working at Athabasca University as a student advisor on a contract basis.

I rescued a kitten from a friend's barn when it was -40C and when I moved to a location closer to Athabasca, I was told I might as well take the kitten as she had been "de-barned". The wee kitten was named Oreo, and she is now a sweet, adult cat enjoying life ordering us around.

I decided to go back to school to take an Office Administration certificate, then decided to try for my diploma, earned that, and now I am in my 4th year of a Bachelor's of Commerce degree. I work with Mom doing the marketing of our paper crafting business, and she works on the design and creation of cards and kits.  

Our fur babies, large and small, past and present!

(clockwise) Benji and Whisper, Taffy and me, Oreo, and Tristan

The Queen

Our rescue cat, Oreo. If she is not sleeping, watching cat TV, or playing, she is trying to order us to feed her! With 3 adults in the household, usually she can persuade one of us that she has not been fed in a whole week! (She's exaggerating!)